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Altwood and Ms. York are certainly a formidable writing team, be it YA like the first book or a story with a more adult feel to it like A Hymn in the Silence, it was a masterfully constructed one, the world building and the execution were a thing of beauty and I can't recommend both books enough. Jan 16, Marie Rose rated it it was amazing Shelves: owned , would-read-again-and-again. I couldn't put it down. I'm so fond of all of the characters and they're all so brilliantly different.

I was so easily drawn into this universe and I'm not surprised that I want more and more of it, of the characters, of all of it. It hits hard in the heart and i love that about it. May 14, Stephanie Lake rated it it was amazing. Waiting for more of this wonderful world you have built for our pleasure. Not very patently waiting though. More, More, More, More. Dec 31, M. Graham rated it it was amazing Shelves: paranormal , fantasy , historical-fantasy , monster-hunters , victorian , gothic , horror , diversity , queer.

Fantastic second volume. I can't wait to get my mitts on the third. Dec 05, Kate rated it liked it. I enjoyed this but not as much as the first book.

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The main problem was the PoV. James was our 1st person PoV in the first book, and he is very up beat, kind, and understanding. Most of all he genuinely enjoys the ghost hunting that they do. William was the PoV for this one and of the couple he is struggling with many issues; depression and a laudanum addiction, that I believe are important and are addressed in a very respectful manner, but didn't help the story along as well as it could have. We g I enjoyed this but not as much as the first book. We get a lot of William not thinking he is good enough, and his hate for their job as ghost hunters, and less of the plot.

I love both these guys, but James' PoV runs smoother, and he brings some humor out between the dark moments that didn't happen as much in this book.

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Mar 05, Eilatan rated it really liked it. For the first few chapters, I thought they were testing the waters with Miss Bennet during a school holiday. AHitS is told from the perspective of William, focusing on the central theme of addiction and how it can harm not only you, but your loved ones as well. The second book takes a deeply personal turn in comparison to the first, because while the paranormal mystery makes up the overarching plot, at times it supplants as a subplot so the story can explore how William tries to cope with his reliance on laudanum.

I personally liked this shift in focus because I love character-driven stories.

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AHitS loses none of the eeriness found in the first book either, and even ups the horror and suspense with fresh murders, possessions, and our protagonists being physically attacked by hostile spirits. The shift in perspective between books was lovely in that I was able to see how radically different James and William are, as well as how they view each other and themselves. They each felt like their own distinct person. In contrast to James, William has a naturally gloomy attitude which may bog readers down a bit.

His constant self-doubt and struggles with laudanum addiction also create that more despairing feel.

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However, this only makes the moments where he grows and accepts help stand out all the brighter. Additionally, the new characters of Miss Bennet and Adelia helped lighten this atmosphere, bringing a freshness to the story that was very welcomed. Adelia was an outstanding character for me. Her personality is strong, driven, and it is clear she loves her father despite feeling stifled by him. I loved seeing him and Adelia grow closer.

Nudge nudge to the authors! The relationship between James and Virgil is also something affected by the time skip. One major thing stands out to me, though, that other reviewers have addressed. William is constantly described as hating ghost hunting work, it makes him unhappy and uncomfortable and he only stays to make sure James is safe.

Overall, I enjoyed this book perhaps as equally to the first. Oct 28, Karen rated it it was amazing Shelves: young-adult. Amazing ghost story! Great mix of suspense, adventure, friendship and romance! William and James are hired to solve a mystery that may or may not involve supernatural culprits.

Either w Amazing ghost story! Either way, they soon have reason to fear they are in over their heads. Time to call in reinforcements! We get to reconnect with Virgil and meet a wonderfully brave and intelligent new character, Adelia! Loved her! William and James are marvelous together as always. It was wonderful to see how they have come along since their time spent at Whisperwood. Their banter is fun to read, but their more emotional moments will tug at your heartstrings something fierce. I loved how the authors included so many historical details, in the subtlest of ways, sometimes by using certain quaint words and other times by casually mentioning everyday facts of life of the 19th century.

It almost seems to play out before you like a scary movie. I swear I almost jumped right out of my seat a couple of times. I also loved the mystery, or rather mysteries, that needed solving. It was exciting to try and figure it out ahead of the characters. Emphasis on try. The plot was well-thought out and there was plenty of suspense and danger, with ghosts and other threats lurking in the most unexpected of places.

So recommend this!! Oct 28, Henna rated it it was amazing Shelves: glbt , romance , historical-fiction , paranormal , favorites. While it has everything the first book had, there's also a change in point of view from James to William, and change in time, because this sets over a year after the first finishes - the boys graduated from Whisperwood and live on their own now. It is quite a change from before, but A Hymn in the Silence had everything else I fell for in the first one; adorable and not subtle James, reserved and grumpy William, and their brilliant dynamic.

Virgil also makes an appearance, which is brilliant and I hope there'll be more of him in the future. While their relationship is more established and thus deeper, it's still the same dynamic and same adorable relationship as it was before. I love it, and I admit I was a little scared at the beginning as sequels tend to complicate the relationship, have miscommunication that just ruins the ship, and introduce new characters just to complicate existing dynamic. Luckily it doesn't happen here; there's this brilliant banter and I laughed out loud so many times; James is hilarious and his obsession with cake absolutely relatable.

Without spoiling anything, there are some struggles James and William have to go through and some of them are significant for their relationship, but it's beautifully done. There are new characters introduced, some of whom are important for the story, but they are well balanced and exist for their own sake and not just to complicate anything. Definitely a great sequel that left me wanting more. I mean, there has to be another story about James and William, right?

Again, York and Altwood have found the perfect balance between mystery, action and romance, all of which are woven together beautifully. There are plenty of creepy moments, which made my skin crawl so badly that I could only read this during daylight hours again, I'm not one for horror and I loose sleep way too easily.

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Atmosphere is brilliantly eerie, a small rural English village with a close-knit community. There are a manor, farms, village church, and never-ending woods; it's so different from Whisperwood, but that's not a bad thing in this case. A Hymn in the Silence is a captivating rollercoaster of emotions.

There are both funny, cute and creepy moments, which I loved so much. I could hardly put the book down! I love the world and the characters, and I honestly cannot get enough of them. I'm already excited for the novella, which will star Benji, but I also need another novel or three. I definitely recommend you to pick up the series, because it's such heartfelt and stunning story.

A copy of this ebook was provided in return for an honest review. Nov 03, Dan rated it really liked it. Taking place some time after the first book in the series, A Hymn in the Silence revisits the lives of William Esher and James Specter, though this time William is our point of view character, as foretold in the epilogue of the first novel. Continuing in the tradition of the first, William and James become quickly embroiled in a murder investigation with gruesome roots in the supernatural world.

The novel calls upon a few charac Taking place some time after the first book in the series, A Hymn in the Silence revisits the lives of William Esher and James Specter, though this time William is our point of view character, as foretold in the epilogue of the first novel. Adelia provides an interesting character, sharp, educated, and determined without sacrificing her elegance. I found myself wishing that the epilogue for this book would set up her as the point of view character for the next novel instead.

Adelia also provides some badly needed gender diversity to the books. I sincerely hope both these women get more page-time in future novels, as I believe they both have their own interesting stories to tell. The novel also ends without a firm conclusion to these issues, either, something I appreciate, as a lifelong addiction is not something that can be overcome in the short span of the novel. The novel delves into other troubles in the relationship, too, ones that cut deeper than the stress of managing to feed themselves on a shoestring budget and keeping their romantic life together a secret.

Overall, this novel provides a worth sequel to its predecessor and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I recommend it highly to anyone seeking a warm, genuine story between established lovers with some spookiness and atmosphere sprinkled. Nov 04, Sylvia rated it it was amazing. James and William help troubled and unruly spirits find peace and move on. In the beginning they rid a brothel of an unruly spirt of a young girl.

One night Thomasina has the miss fortune of encountering a client with entirely to much drinking his body and saw fit to strangle her to death. He is now rotting in a cell somewhere, an Thomasina has been screaming bloody murder ever since.

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Once they send said girl on they let the brothels procuress Madam Florence and the remaining girls know the coast is clear. Next these two are off to see if they can help Lord Wakefield who is trying to help. James and William request to see the Brewers farm. Due to the Brewers complaints Lord Wakefield believes something supernatural was what may have killed the Brewers. James and William are together however, depending on where they travel to they have to be careful as their relationship may be frowned upon and not understood or even excepted.

Great read, different from the norm, great characters and definitely worthy of reading. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Mar 24, Barbara rated it it was amazing. I became acquainted with William and James in the first of this series and it was good enough that I had to read the second one.

I didn't go wrong on my decision. James and William are working as mediums and trying to hide their loving relationship in a historical London where being gay is a crime. Sent on a mission to find out if a grisly murder has paranormal roots, the two men take off for a manor in a small village. The murder of an entire family leaves people scratching their heads. James a I became acquainted with William and James in the first of this series and it was good enough that I had to read the second one. James and William must start at the beginning searching out clues.

The daughter of the Lord of the manor, is a straight thinking, logical woman and wants nothing more than to be a detective. With Virgil, a friend from school showing up, the four become enmeshed with possession, murder and danger. William is having trouble keeping himself on the straight and narrow and finds himself relying more and more on his laudanum and alcohol. The suspense and danger kept me at it all day reading the story in order to find out what happens and yet there is a loose end that comes untangled just as they think all is well in their world.

An excellent book and series that i would highly recommend to those who loves the paranormal with a dipping of horror. Nov 20, Beedoo Radosevich rated it it was amazing. It's been a joy to see James and William again in a sequel I had supposed was coming, but wasn't sure. It's nice to see how they're doing on their own, away from Whisperwood. Plus this one is set in William's perspective, so we get to see a little more into his head as he deals with continued laudanum abuse, paranormal creepiness, keeping their forbidden love secret, and James being James and The additional characters in this story are intriguing, and Adelia seems like she'll be a val It's been a joy to see James and William again in a sequel I had supposed was coming, but wasn't sure.

The additional characters in this story are intriguing, and Adelia seems like she'll be a valuable resource to the "team" in future stories.

I was also quite happy to see a favorite character from Whisperwood make a return appearance! With a Gothic Victorian vibe and delectable langauge, Kelley and Rowan are fast making a fan out of me! Apr 19, Fritz42 rated it it was amazing Shelves: books , fantasy , favorites-m-m-romance , m-m-romance , paranormal , fiction , historical-fiction , nook-lendable.

They take a job out of the city, investigating the vicious murder of a whole family that seems to point to ghosts. I enjoyed the mystery with the definite paranormal twists. In number of times I had to wonder how the two of them were going to get out of a difficult situation. And we get to see the depth of his love for James.

This book brings back secondary characters from the first in Virgil and Preston. And we get to meet Adelia, a strong and capable woman. I just hope we can see all these characters in them. Dec 29, Molli B. Enjoyed just as much—maybe more! I think Adelia is a great addition: a strong woman who won't take shit from anyone, but is limited by the time in which she lives.

And it was fun to see Virgil! I hope we see a lot more of them! I think they continue to deal well with William's issues. I'm interested to see if more comes of James' history and what Enjoyed just as much—maybe more! I'm interested to see if more comes of James' history and what their life looks like as they grow older. Can't wait for more!!! Nov 02, Susan rated it really liked it Shelves: paranormal , glbtq. I liked this more than its predecessor, A Light Amongst Shadows.

James and William never convincingly sounded like schoolboys to me, and as full fledged ghost hunters now, they no longer have to. Special props for managing a difficult narration by William, whose laudanum addiction is described in a thought-provoking way; after all, what limited choices did sensitive people like William have before Xanax and other anti-anxiety meds were so commonly available and accepted?

The two men are very sweet together, the challenges to their relationship are generally addressed without Big Misunderstandings, and a secondary character from A Light Amongst Shadows makes a welcome appearance. I have to admit that the paranormal part is my least favorite part of the series; I'm not sure the logic always holds together, and after the experiences in the first book I have a hard time believing that holy water and Bible scripture are enough ammunition against dangerous spirits.

But I'm on board for future books looks like the next one might focus on two other Whisperwood friends and hope James finally comes up with the right name for their business. Nov 13, J Corvidae rated it it was amazing Shelves: historical , , horror , romance , paranormal. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. If that chapter hadn't been included, it would have had the perfect ending and would be going on my "outstanding" shelf. Instead, the reader is subjected to a jarring POV shift to a completely different character who hasn't been so much as mentioned in the entire book, so I spent it scratching my head and skimming in an attempt to figure out what was going on and how it related to the book I'd just read. Feb 25, Thoni rated it it was amazing Shelves: fiction , lgbtq. I liked this book even more than the first one.

A gripping storyline with great characters!

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I actually felt uneasy while reading sometimes which is a thing every horror writer wants to achieve, I guess , but I have to say that I did read it at night when I couldn't sleep. In other words: loved that. I liked this so much more than I expected, because I loved James' voice and the atmosphere in Whisperwood. Her romance novels have been one of the most sought after for more than 30 years now. Her novels dramatically changed her life from being an ordinary person, into a creator of romantic dreams people desire to experience.

Among the best writers in America, Heather Graham quickly gained the popularity, respect and love from her fans and contemporaries. Shortly after graduating high school, she marries Dennis Pozzessere, the man that will be with her though her successful journey as an author.

After her marriage, she went back to her schooling and entered the University of South Florida and took a course in Theatre arts. After successfully graduating, she worked on dinner theatres and did singing sidelines as a vocal backup and bartending. It was during those hard times that Heather Graham found the source of her imaginative novels.

Her time as a vocal artist, bartender and a performer at dinner theatres helped her get the material for her successful novels. As she was a writer by heart, she felt that her career in the theatre business will take her nowhere so she decided to shift course. She left the theatre, gave up singing and bartending, came home and started to write her first novel.

When Next We Love. This romantic novel tells of the romance of an unlikely pair. A woman widowed early in her life was in for a surprise of her life as she found an unexpected romance on the person, a rock star singer, she sorely hates. Trapped in an island off the Florida Keys as a terrific summer storm began to surge in.

As Heather Graham puts it, beneath their bitterness they have towards each other lies an untapped abundance of romantic chemistry waiting to gush forth. In , only two years after she decided to become a full time writer, she finished this novel and her career in writing started. She started to write novels furiously after tasting the success of her first novel. Soon after, literary works began to flow as if the undiscovered spring of words that lie dormant inside of her was suddenly released.

She then started to write not only romance novels but also on other genres such as the paranormal, horror and suspense, though she continued to compose romantic tales that continued to captivate her fans. Every year since her first book in , novel after novel flowed like water out of her hands totaling to more than full books in just 30 years of writing.

This feat of writing excellence earned her the lifetime achievement award from the Romance Writers of America in She became the inspiration of many budding female writers during the s. As a writer, she also used pen names to mask her identity. The book was released in and it became one of her most popular literary works, though under her pen name. The story is classified as a historical romance with a touch of mystery with its setting in 17th century England. Warwick and Odine met due to unexpected circumstances and helped each other find the killers of their love one.

Her immense imaginative powers has solidified her place as one of the best female writers in the United States and the whole world as her novels have been translated into 20 different languages. She became a member of various writing organizations in America, most notably are the Mystery writers of America, Horror Writers Association where she became one of its vice presidents, Novelist incorporated and International thriller writers.

Her contribution to these organizations was well appreciated and she quickly became one of their major influences. Though she was a successful writer, she never felt that her talents and success was solely given to her.