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There is no difference between the agenda of the two candidates. Or "no preference". Or "It makes no difference to me". Anything is better, but from the grammatical point of view there is no grammatical problem in "no difference" am i right?

5 big reasons why US and UK English sound so different

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Related 8. Hot Network Questions. I remember family and friends crowding around as my new husband and I dashed from the Opera House, rolled back the top of our borrowed convertible, and watched as white balloons filled the night sky. It felt like the whole world was celebrating with us.

I remember beginning married life in an apartment along Grand River in the old chair factory. We celebrated the first perfect snowfall of winter by taking a long walk along Jefferson at midnight, hand in hand, gazing up at the fluffy, perfect flakes drifting lazily down into our faces. I remember strapping our tiny new daughter into a baby carrier, and working at a colossal yard sale in the Scout Building to help cover medical expenses for my brother.

Donations literally poured in, and it seemed like the whole town wanted to help out. I remember teachers laboring tirelessly to figure out what made my kids tick, and doing everything they could to feed the fire of discovery. Some of them going above and beyond what any teacher could be expected to do.

It's A Long Story

I could go on, but you get the point. So how do all these memories feed into my wanting to open a hotel? As an interior designer, I've been trained to use indoor spaces to communicate a story and to help people build more good stories into their lives. What a lucky guy!

We All Want to Be Happy, and I Am

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