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The other charts are valid, but this one seems to be the most true. The aspects are the same no matter where you go. By relocating or traveling for your solar return, you can adjust your focus of attention and the house placements for the planets. For example, say you have a difficult T-square in your residential solar return which falls in the cadent houses. You might be concerned about your health if the opposition falls from the 12th to the 6th House.

Perhaps you are planning to move cross country during the year and you decide that since you are already anticipating major career and home changes, you might as well place this opposition in the 10th and 4th Houses and deal with problems this way. Free E-Booklet from www. Through solar return relocation, an individual can make a conscious choice to grow and face issues in a certain way or through a certain venue. Since energy follows thought, this commitment to a new orientation will occur.

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You cannot avoid issues by changing your location, you can only choose how you wish to handle things. There are certain things traveling for your solar return cannot do. You cannot negate influences seen in transits, progressions, and solar arcs. Problems or challenges seen in all of these charts will need to be faced and handled even if you have sought to negate them from the solar return chart through relocation. Traveling will not change this. Solar return relocation is only a channeling process. You channel or direct your attention to handle matters in a certain way by making a conscious choice.

You decide how you would like to experience the changes in consciousness that need to occur and in which area of your life you wish to experience them. You cannot decide to completely hide or avoid. Keep in mind that although we are freewilled beings, there is only so much latitude we can experience. Some events or experiences are necessary for the soul growth. Perhaps an example of these three types of solar return charts would be appropriate here. Chart 4 is the natal location solar return for Joann. She wants to quit her job, but is afraid to do so.

Notice the Sun and Venus in the 10th House of career and the possibility of her doing really well on her own. It is common for an individual to become self-employed while the Sun is in the 10th. The 10th House is also the house of destiny path changes and important decisions are made while the Sun is here. Because it is within two degrees of the house cusp, Jupiter can be interpreted and read for both the 1st and the 12th Houses. Be aware that eventually Jupiter will cross into the 1st House by transit. Transits to solar return chart angles are significant and can be used for timing.

Jupiter in the 1st House indicates a self-made opportunity or a position of great benefit that you create for yourself. But you must be the one to create it since it will not be handed to you ready made. For example, you start your own business or invent a new product. With Saturn and Mars conjunct in the 1st House, much discipline and effort will be required if Joann is to get what she wants.

Pluto in the 2nd House shows a dramatic change in income. Salaries either go way up or way down. Since Mercury in the 11th House of long-term goals squares Pluto, Joann can expect money to decrease as she initiates long-term changes while still handling bills with short-term finances. Security is a little uncertain since Neptune opposes Venus from the 4th House. There is a major problem with this chart.

Joann has been thinking of quitting her job for years and has always been unable to do so. The Moon and Uranus are intercepted in Scorpio in the 3rd House. She has moved south, but there is very little change in the residential solar return chart 5. Notice that it has the same planetary placements and 3rd House interception. This solar return is essentially the same as the natal location solar return. To illustrate further, look at the exact location solar return chart 6. She had decided to travel to Boston to free up the interception in the 3rd House. This was a conscious and willful decision.

With this act, she was stating her intention to quit. Notice the 3rd House cusp in the exact location solar return chart. As it turned out, Joann did not have to quit. She was fired. The afternoon she was to depart for Boston, she had a run-in with the boss. When Joann returned to her office, she began to bad-mouth the executive loudly. She was really sounding off and using strong words. One of her co-workers activated the public address system and sent her conversation all through the building.

Her boss heard everything she said and immediately terminated her employment. This turned out to be very fortuitous for Joann. She was able to collect unemployment while setting up her own business. To me all of them are valid and I do not discount any of them, though I prefer the exact location. You, yourself may use which ever one you please to calculate your solar returns.

I suggest you play with the three and form your own opinion. There are no wrongs in this matter, only preferences. See which one works for you. Single and double chart techniques Astrologers have tried reading solar returns as a single chart and have also tried to read them in relationship to the natal. Many believe that the solar return chart can only be read in reference to the natal and cannot stand alone. In fact, in the study guidelines for the NCGR examination for professional astrologers this is stated very clearly.

Ninety percent of the necessary information can come from the solar return chart itself. The information gleaned from the relationship between the solar return chart and the natal is generally a reiteration of what is already seen in the solar return chart itself alone. Although the added information is nice and provides further insight, it is generally not necessary.

If you are intending to look at the solar return chart in relationship to the natal chart, use a two chart technique and place the solar return on the inside wheel. This preserves the integrity of the solar return houses, and the placement and orientation of the planets. When the solar return chart is placed outside of the natal chart, it becomes very difficult to get a gestalt of what the year will be like and your interpretation will suffer greatly. You cannot treat a solar return like a secondary progressed chart. It is a birth chart for the new cycle of growth and should be respected in its entire presentation.

Let us look at some charts which demonstrate these ideas. The visual element brings ideas into focus, making them more understandable. Jane is a middle-aged woman who is dissatisfied with her present occupation and is looking to switch careers. She wishes to study massage and open a small healing practice. Money is not a problem for her. She is married and her husband earns a good salary. She can easily drop out and pursue her studies. But Jane is a very intuitive person and is troubled by the messages she is getting.

She thinks she is being told to leave her husband to pursue a spiritual path. She loves her husband and does not understand the meaning of the symbols she perceives. The confusion makes her very anxious and fearful. She does not know how she can support herself on her own and study at the same time. She also does not wish to end a good relationship. It is very common for an aspirant to misinterpret symbols and overestimate the level of sacrifice needed for spiritual growth. The Universe is actually a very gentle and loving place. On questioning, Jane revealed more information about her relationship with her husband.

They had always done things together and she had followed his lead for many years. But as she got older, Jane hungered more and more for the intuitive and spiritual. Her husband, ever the rationalist, remained very left brain. He was not interested in massage, healing, or anything esoteric. Jane felt uneasy breaking away mentally and was slow to get on with her studies. In Free E-Booklet from www.

This can be both a sign of spiritual development and a sign of emotional anxiety. She will need to follow her own path. Saturn opposes the Sun from the 6th House indicating the need to work from the spiritual realm to the physical. The three outer planets in the 6th House show an interest in health, nutrition, and healing techniques. Dietary changes and improving health habits are likely during the year. Jane may lose weight or cut back on certain foods Saturn in the 6th. Chronic health problems Saturn , physical sensitivities or allergies to certain foods may arise Neptune in the 6th.

Meditation and quiet times will help her relax and alleviate nervous tension Uranus in the 6th. Mars is in the 2nd indicating that the more Jane hustles the more she will earn. If she decides to cut back on her hours or quit, her salary will be cut. And if she finishes school and takes on many clients, her salary will increase. She will have many money-making ideas with Mercury in the 2nd and she will always be comfortable with the amount of money her has to spend Venus. What she does for herself, she can use to help others.

During the year, Jane and her husband sold their second home. Notice Pluto in the 4th. Since the summer cottage was in England, the sale was complicated. Jupiter in the 1st again indicates that self-made opportunity. This is a wonderful time for Jane to do her own thing.

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Notice that the solar return chart has lost all definition. Though there is an emphasis on goals 11th House , we are not sure what these goals will be about. We have no sense of working with the body and the physical. We do know there will be a financial change since the solar return Pluto falls in the 2nd natal House, squaring solar return Jupiter and the natal 11th House planets. The sale of the foreign small cottage is reflected in the Capricorn solar return planets falling into the 4th House.

Now look at the solar return chart with the natal around the outside chart 9. This double chart is the reverse of the one you have just seen. Natal Pluto with Jupiter and Mercury conjuncts the solar return Ascendent. A natal planet that conjuncts a solar return angle has a special significance. When the natal planet conjuncts the Ascendent, it generally relates to an underlying motivation which fuels the activity of the coming year. Jane was afraid to go off on her own and natal Pluto conjunct the solar return Ascendent confirms this fear. But Pluto is also the planet associated with aloneness and isolation.

The motivational desire for Jane was to be free to study whatever she was interested in, and to walk her own path. This freedom was easily given.

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He actually encouraged it, but did not wish to come along. Natal Mars and Moon square the solar return Ascendent from the 10th House of destiny path and career choices. Stepping out on her own intellectually was a very big step for Jane. She spends most of her time in the states, but had to be overseas on this birthday for the sale of the cottage.

Soon afterwards she returned to this country for good. The unique characteristics of solar return charts Solar returns are very different from other trends techniques such as transits, solar arcs, and secondary progressions for the following reasons. You are looking at an integrate whole, not isolated aspects occurring one after another or for only a short time.

A solar return chart presents a complete picture that will be in effect for the year and all of the planets will mean something. There is a wholeness and staying power to this technique that is not so apparent with other astrological methods. You have time to live with the chart and come to know the meaning of each planet and house. Lessons are well-defined and you have time to work on them. Solar returns have a natural and understandable cycle from year to year. The Sun moves clockwise three houses each year.

This movement produces a knowable cycle fostering understanding and growth. For example, an angular solar return Sun will tend to rotate from one angular house to another. After spending approximately ten years rotating through angular houses, the Sun will begin to rotate through succeedent houses. After approximately ten more years, the Sun will begin to rotate through cadent houses. When the Sun is in the process of flipping from one type of house angular, succeedent or cadent to another, crossovers occur. Extreme northern and southern latitudes, and signs of long or short ascension also cause distortions.

Lets look at a series of four solar returns for Gloria. We will start with her solar return and finish with the chart. I do not use solar returns as a technique isolated from other astrological methods, but in conjunction with them. So while interpreting these solar return charts, I will also discuss transits, secondary progressions and solar arcs, integrating all the information with the solar return. For this reason, both the natal chart 10 and the solar return chart 11 will sometimes be presented. The reader will be asked to visualize transits, and secondary progression and solar arc placements since those charts will be discussed, but not presented here.

Timing will be given when important. Gloria - Natal Chart - Chart 10 One of the first things we notice about this solar return is the number of planets in the 6th House. Gloria did not have any health problems this year though she was concerned with her diet and exercise routine. She worked as an executive assistant to the owner of a software company and was beginning to do some private new-age work on the side. During the solar return year, she became very interested in buying a seafood restaurant and owning her own business.

The possibility of her taking on such a large endeavor Free E-Booklet from www. As we investigate the solar return, transits, progressions and solar arcs further, we can see how important relationships would be in the events of the year. Gloria had been living with George for fifteen years. During this time, George had numerous affairs.

Gloria was not happy. From the solar return chart 11 we can see that Venus in the 7th House of relationships is squared by the Moon in the 4th.

Planets in Solar Returns: Yearly Cycles of Transformation and Growth by Mary Fortier Shea

She felt that she was only placating George and they did not have a real relationship. He did not treat her well and she wanted to leave. But Gloria lived with George rent free and this gave her natal Cancer Moon a great deal of emotional and financial security. She was deeply in debt and feared having to fend for herself. The likelihood of a difficult or protracted move is shown by solar return Pluto in the 4th. Financial repercussions might be indicated by this Pluto square to the node in the solar return 8th.

The transits, secondary progressions and solar arcs Gloria had in the spring, summer and fall of fill in the rest of the picture. Relationships would be in total fluctuation during this time. All four of the outer planets contacted either Venus or the Ascendent and there were progressions and solar arcs involving Venus too. She married him as Jupiter crossed her solar return Ascendent in early August. It was a whirlwind romance. They also put money down on two houses under construction, one to live in and the other to rent out.

Gloria had always hoped to live in a particular small town in New Jersey and now her dream was coming true. Checks were bouncing everywhere. Larry did not have any of the money he claimed to have.

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Not only was he broke, but he was using an alias. Gloria confronted Larry with her realizations in early October. Larry admitted everything. By the beginning of November, Larry had moved out and Gloria had filed for an annulment which was granted in December Notice that the Sun has rotated to the next cadent house in the solar return. Notice also that it is very close to the 4th House cusp and Gloria may be crossing over into angular houses soon. From this chart we can see problems with the homelife. Saturn, Uranus and Neptune in the solar return 4th House indicate numerous and sometimes difficult domestic changes.

Gloria had left George, asked Larry to leave, and was presently living alone in a new house she could not afford and did not own. She had always feared living on her own and being financially responsible for herself. Now she had no choice. She must look for an apartment. Unfortunately, she was carrying an even greater debt.

See a Problem?

Gloria had to totally re-establish herself. She charge everything on credit cards in order to survive. She went to estate sales and purchased a lot of furniture at cut-rate prices. She found an apartment in a senior citizens complex where she felt safe since her neighbors were home most of the day and watched out for each other. This was her first year living alone and she felt uneasy.

She always ate out and was seldom home. The discomfort with the home environment is seen in the solar return 4th House. Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune in the 4th tend to indicate restlessness. Mars in the 8th House shows the possibility of conflict over shared resources. Fortunately, she had never let Larry near any charge cards that were in her name. The the Solar Return, the Sun has now crossed over into the 1st House. Gloria has only herself to rely on. Although she is dating, there is no one special in her life. She finds that she has the ability to handle life on her own. She receives a substantial raise from her employer which lifts her above the financial restrictions she has been living with.

Notice the Pluto-Venus conjunction in the solar return 11th House of promotions and pay raises. She also begins to restructure her finances and save money to return to the small New Jersey town and purchase a home. Saturn in the solar return 2nd indicates the ability to live on less. Many times the individual does not have to live on a budget, but chooses to do so to save money for a major purchase. Gloria has been dating Tom off and on when she discovers he is mentally unstable. The Moon in the solar return 8th House can indicate emotional involvement with someone who needs counseling.

Tom has a very dark side which he keeps hidden most, but not all of the time. Gloria finds this difficult to deal with. Remember all those solar return 1st House planets? She decides to tell her new friend that she must travel a lot for work and cannot see him all the time. John jumps to the conclusion that Gloria works for the CIA. When an ending comes knocking, we need not fear it, knowing that as each cycle ends, an entirely new cycle is beginning. How we relate to these changing cycles in life, whether positively with positive passion and integrity or negatively with hardship, struggle or abuse, all depends on our inner connection and whether we gain clarity on what the change truly represents in our lives.

Quite frequently, we are not so certain. In the cocoon of our thoughts -- fears, doubts, regrets, and a host of other emotions -- may be extremely limiting, holding us back from our ability to change and grow. Even if they no longer serve us, our limiting beliefs hold us captive in a place that's safe and familiar, making us cling to where we are, rather than embracing change and completing the cycle.

When we find ourselves in that place between no longer and not yet -- it takes the utmost courage to spread our wings and simply fly. In the larger grand cycles of our lives, sometimes it's the small, seemingly random acts or moments that later prove to be monumental, creating ripples downstream that close out personal chapters and set us off in entirely new directions. In science it's called the "butterfly effect," the concept that small events can have large, widespread consequences. The name stems from MIT meteorologist Edward Lorenz, whose suggestion that a massive storm in one part of the world might actually have its roots in the faraway flapping of a tiny butterfly's wings in yet another.

It's a deceptively simple insight that resonates deeply with most of us. His scientific discovery also speaks to a more philosophical one, demonstrating the innumerable interconnections that not only shape nature, but each of our lives as well. If a butterfly's flap could cause a tornado -- or for all we know, could prevent one as well -- similarly, should we make even the smallest of changes in our lives, or take action -- or not -- as we move through the constant and ever present cycles in life, we will never know how much these seemingly insignificant moments contribute to altering who we are and shaping our own personal destinies.

It's yet another profound metaphor for the constant threads of cause and effect in life that sometimes appear obvious in retrospect, but remain elusive and obscure in the moment. In life there are no absolute certainties. The only thing certain is that gracefully transitioning through the life cycles requires courage and trust. Empower yourself. Have trust in who you are.

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