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Often, the group's sound takes precedence over their songwriting, but it's hard not to get swept up along with the cascading sound.

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This is a great album. Thats all that has to be said.

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They sound almost identical to Adorable with a little west coast pop sound thrown in. This is a great dreamy album, excellent chill music as usual. I think these guys are from California somewhere, probably San Francisco they have a big brit-pop scene.

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The producer Andy Prickett is brilliant. Great album, but you will love it if you like the late 80's manchester type pop Stone Roses , James , Charlattans.

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That, with the ancient Egyptian eye-makeup he had on, made quite an impression. The bass player was way cool looking, and had a sound that was straight off of a Cure or Cocteau Twins record. Lots of chorus and treble. It was surprising, especially since everyone else on the planet seemed to be doing post-Grunge, Hardcore, or goofy Punk. Anyways, I loved it, and told the singer so.

Autumn's recovery

Surprisingly, he knew who I was already, and when I suggested we work together somehow, he agreed as if he had already considered it. They had recorded two EPs that were released on cassette I still have them , and wanted to make another. They wanted to see if I was the right guy for them, and I was happy to work with a band that actually had a clear vision and sonic roots in music that I respected and loved.

From Autumn to Ashes - Eulogy for an Angel

They had a record deal , and a small budget, but we managed to squeeze the tracking all in at the Green Room, spending lots and lots of late hours trying to make something beyond the means. They just needed someone to capture them as best as possible, and help them get what they heard in their heads. The super quiet tiny guitar drone was one of the hardest things to get right on the whole album. This is how we used to make records, though.

Autumn's Angel ~ ♥ Beautiful Nature,,,,, | Angels | Cross paintings, Painting, Art

No computers. No tape edits. No auto-tuner. And since this was recorded at the Green Room, people were always around, and I had my friends Frank and Eric to lean on, so much so that they are credited as additional producers.

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