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Doree Shafrir. Peter Brown. Soon they discover that they can't forget the kiss and become involved more intimately. Let's just say their relationship was hot, but tastefully done! Lexi has heard all the Q stories and knows he is not a commitment type of guy so she is not sure what to make of their relationship.

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Q knows that everything about his relationship with Lexi feels right, how can he prove to her that best friends make the best lovers? Will their friendship survive if they break up? This book was such a good read, couldn't put it down! Well written, very romantic and hot! If you are used to PG type of romance, then this might not be the book for you. It wasn't so bad for me, it was tastefully done. Well done Ms. I absolutely love this story.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the two stories before this but hands down, this is my favorite so far. I loved Quentin from his quick intro in Taming the Wolf book one then even more in Recipe for Temptation book two where his devilishness came out deliciously. I loved the chemistry between he and Lexi.

You could feel the love between them and it was beautiful. Even knowing him for years, witnessing his less than gentlemanly ways first hand, she still needed to love him and have his love in return. The steamy romance they began to share was simply HOT!!!! From the time it started there was no shame or shyness, just utter enjoyment. He was straight up, demanding and he knew what he wanted but it was all done in a way that made him even sexier. Lexi was sweet and damaged and Quentin's years of trying protect her only intensified as his love for her finally came to light.

Her story with her mother was heartbreaking and her need to clear her mind elsewhere was totally understandable, hard for a relationship but understandable. In the end all was well, romantic and well. This is such a sweet sexy hot lusty sensual love story. I love how easy to relate to the characters are. Yes they are wealthy and beautiful and handsome, but they still come off as believable and from around the way. I loved the chemistry between Quentin and Lexi, and the love making!

I could use some Quentin in my life. The reticence on Lexi's part about getting into a relationship with a player like Quentin is understandable, but when she decided to leave the man because of her no account mammy and he begged her to stay?! I almost threw my kindle across the room. I was reading it and screaming at Lexi telling her don't be a fool.

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Well needless to say I enjoyed the book it was better than the two before it, but they were good also. This author can really spin a yarn. This story is about two best friends who after years of friendship realize that what they feel for each other goes well beyond friendship. The story plots their path to finding love in each others arms. They have to deal with their own phobias and misunderstandings and emotional baggage to get to that point and come really close to missing it. But with a little perseverance and a lot of forgiveness, it all works out for them.

Great story with some seriously hot love scenes. I really only expected to kinda like this book but I was pleasantly surprised. The story is shorter than I generally like but the main characters were surprisingly well developed and the storyline, while having a few interesting twists, was consistent, focused and believable. I really enjoyed the story. Kudos to Maureen Smith on a job well done.

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This was the first book I brought on my new kindle and let me tell you I loved the fact that Q and Lex were best friends first because "friends make the best lovers" quote from Q. He was so passionate and determined when it came to Lex, and Lex was determined not to feel that passion. Their attraction to each other was so hot and sexy! The story line was very believable, the characters memorable and the writing style oh so great and juicy.

Lex really did go through a lot of heart ache and pain with her ex-husband and mom but Q was right there to pick up the pieces of her heart. Loved this book and will read it again sometime in the near future.