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Alex Thompson, a year-old entrepreneur from Venice Beach, Calif. Two years ago, she launched a Twitter account called Venice to tweet about crimes in her neighborhood. Since its launch, she's racked up more than 12, followers and become the go-to "digital eyes" for the greater Los Angeles area.

And I can't believe what I see," she told Mashable. This was back in late The city didn't see the waste as a legitimate problem, Thompson said, so it sat in the street — boiling under the hot, Southern California sun — for close to a week before a team cleaned it up.

But it wasn't just the sewage that bothered me," she said. But other things — there have always been these petty robberies, especially in the past few years — something just sort of snapped. I didn't like what was happening to the neighborhood. On a whim, she bought a police scanner from a local electronics store, and was astounded by the types of crimes she heard being reported on her block every day.

I couldn't believe what was going on so close to where I lived. Most of the crimes involved robberies, vandalism and the occasional assault.

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In no time, the scanner became a hot topic of discussion among her friends — " Did you hear what happened to so-and-so? People are probably really interested in what's going here on a day-to-day basis. The initial process was gradual. She set up an account and began tweeting, sporadically, whatever she found most intriguing from the scanner — she even built a website, Venice It didn't stay slow for very long.

Within weeks, word spread through the social sphere that neighborhood crimes were being tweeted in real time. Some users began following based on sole interest; others, she said, saw it as an opportunity to find out what was really happening a few blocks — or, sometimes, a few feet — away from their homes. Another reason for her quick popularity could be her conversational tone — "I tweet like I talk," she said. A headline like "Armed Man Wandering on Main Avenue" might be suitable for a traditional news outlet.

But Venice? Screaming woman behind the dental office at Glendon and Venice. Male is beating her in a White SUV. Drunk BF beats up girls, punches them in face, busts the place up and bails. Pulled hair too. Family with two kids lived there. I can hear smoke detectors going off while the FD cuts through roof.

He's playing frogger so watchout. We've lost Max's bunny. Cc venice Venice Canals instagr. The toy bunny mentioned in the last tweet, by the way, was eventually found. Officially, the idea of a civilian having access to and distributing police reports might seem like a red flag. Reina said his colleagues' initial reception of Venice was a bit of a mixed bag — some found it inappropriate, or stepping-on-our-turf -esque, while others thought it a great way to break the wall between the police department and the public.

We want people to understand what we do, but we also want to balance that with the safety of our officers," he said. But, obviously, different people have different opinions. Requests may be submitted by fax or mail; our contact information is available at the bottom of these Guidelines. Requests must be made on law enforcement letterhead. NOTE: We do not accept legal process via email at this time; our support system does not allow attachments for security reasons. Production of Records Unless otherwise agreed upon, we currently provide responsive records in electronic format i.

Records Authentication The records that we produce are self-authenticating. Additionally, the records are electronically signed to ensure their integrity at the time of production. If you require a declaration, please explicitly note that in your request. Emergency Disclosure Requests In line with our Privacy Policy, we may disclose account information to law enforcement in response to a valid emergency disclosure request.

Twitter, Inc. If we receive information that provides us with a good faith belief that there is an exigent emergency involving the danger of death or serious physical injury to a person, we may provide information necessary to prevent that harm, if we have it. How To Make an Emergency Disclosure Request If there is an exigent emergency that involves the danger of death or serious physical injury to a person that Twitter may have information necessary to prevent, law enforcement officers can submit an emergency disclosure request through our web form the quickest and most efficient method.

Alternatively, you may fax emergency requests to faxed requests may result in a delayed response ; please include all of the following information: o Indication on your cover sheet, which must be on law enforcement letterhead, that you're submitting an Emergency Disclosure Request; International law enforcement authorities may submit requests for emergency disclosure. Twitter Archive Registered Twitter account holders can obtain a download of Tweets posted to their Twitter account. Directions on how a user can request that information is available in our Help Center. Non-Public Information Twitter does not currently offer account holders a self-serve method to obtain other, non-public information e.

If a Twitter user requires his or her non-public account information, please direct the user to request this information directly from Twitter, Inc. Other Issues Most issues can be resolved by having Twitter account holders submit inquires directly to us through our Help Center. More information on how to report violations is available here. General Inquiries Other general inquiries from law enforcement or government officials can be submitted through our web form. Contact Information Our address and fax details are: Twitter, Inc. Non-law enforcement requests should be submitted through our Help Center.

Police are permitted to briefly stop an enrolled vehicle at any time of the day or night to verify the safety of the driver and riders. In the event that the bicycle is stolen and recovered, it can be traced back to you through the I. We offer benefits, varied work assignments, and unlimited opportunity. Visit www. Explorers are taught the importance of higher education, self discipline, and respect for authority while they actively participate in community service projects and other Exploring events.

Use Court Street as an alternate route. Straps placed across your shoulder, around your neck or wrapped around your waist have caused injuries because women could not free themselves during a purse snatch. If you suspect you're being followed, stay away from deserted blocks and head for an area where there are people or to the nearest open store.

Look around before exiting your car. Close all windows and lock the doors. Take any valuables with you. Report It. Deception Burglaries. What Can I Do? Stay inside your home and do not open the door.

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You may want to keep a list of utility company phone numbers in a convenient location. If you can not verify the I. The Scam. Criminals often target elderly victims, and operate during normal business hours 9am-5pm , making them less likely to question the situation. These impersonators use false covers such as; utility companies, delivery companies, and companies such as plumbing or electrical contractors.

Be aware of suspicious people near the entrance. Indoor Put your money away and take your card and receipt before exiting an ATM. Money Your card is exclusively for your entry only. Card Make sure the door closes behind you. Lock Use well-lit, well-populated ATM's. Block a bystander's view when doing your transaction. View Use mirrors, positioned at the ATM, to see behind you. Green Dot Card Scam. Caution Be suspicious of callers who demand immediate payment for any reason.

Information Never give out information to anyone who emails or calls you unsolicited. Know Them Never wire money, provide debit or credit card numbers or Green Dot Money-Pak card numbers to someone you do not know. Know This Utility companies and government agencies will not contact you demanding immediate payment by Money-Pak. Remember Remember that anyone who has the number on a Green Dot Money-Pak card has access to the funds on the card.

People are losing thousands of dollars in a phone scam involving Green Dot MoneyPak cards. After receiving a call from someone who claims to be collecting a debt from either a Utility Company, the IRS or as settlement for an auto accident; people are being threatened with the loss of their heat, electric, possible deportation or criminal prosecution. Utility Scam -- Utility companies demand immediate payment by Green Dot Money-Pak or your electricity or gas will be turned off.

Laptops Carry your purse close to your body. Never wrap the strap around your body. Purse Follow your instincts. Handbags Carry only the amount of cash or number of credit cards necessary to make your purchases for the day. Protect your musical device by keeping it out of sight.

Headsets Place items out of sight in the trunk of your vehicle prior to reaching your destination. Never leave packages in the vehicle. Hold on to your cell phone and keep it secured out of sight when not in use. Cell Phones Never Carry your wallet in the rear pants pocket which is one of the easiest to pick.

Wallets Be wary of distractions. Sometimes one perp diverts your attention while another picks your pocket or steals your belongings. Distractions Report It. Vehicle Theft. Contact your local precinct crime prevention officer or visit our website at www. Lock Always lock and secure your vehicle. Always activate your alarm every time you leave your vehicle. Consider locking lug nuts to deter rim theft. Keys Never leave the keys in the ignition when you exit the vehicle -- even for a minute! Property Never leave property in your vehicle.

Items such as loose change, shopping bags, GPS, cell phones, laptops, tablets and the charging chords are targeted by thieves. Parking Park in high traffic or well lit areas, when possible. Safeguard your vehicle.. Vehicles are stolen for a variety of reasons, including theft for parts, insurance fraud, retagging, exporting, and joy riding. To help prevent the theft and damage to your vehicle, we suggest the following: ATM Skimming. Before Using Give the card reader a tug. See if it feels loose or out of place. Inspect the ATM, gas pump, or credit card reader before using it.

Money Trap Be aware of "Money Trapping", where the criminal attaches a device to the cash dispenser "trapping" the customer's money and retrieves it after the customer leaves the ATM area. Protection When entering your PIN, cover the keypad with your other hand to prevent possible hidden cameras from recording your number. Be careful of ATMs in tourist areas - they are a popular target of skimmers Be Aware Tug These devices are usually attached with two sided tape and can be discovered by simply tugging on areas where the card must be swiped.

Skimming device can also be affixed to the card reader at the entrance door to the ATM. Door Report It. Immediately report any skimming devices to your financial institution and the NYPD by calling Use well-populated and well-lit streets. People If you're driven home, ask the driver to wait until you are safely inside. Escort If you suspect you're being followed, stay away from deserted blocks and head for an area where there are people or to the nearest open store. Should a motorist bother you while you are walking, reverse your direction. If you are still followed, seek a safe location and yell for help, if possible.

Have your keys ready before you get to the door. Keys If you live in an apartment, close the lobby door behind you, especially if a stranger is Lobby Door If a stranger asks to use the phone, keep your door locked and tell them you will place the call for them. Strangers If there is an emergency, call Call from a pay phone or a neighbor's house. Wait there for the police to arrive Call Make sure your entrance area is well lit.

Social Media and Crime Prevention | National Neighborhood Watch

Entrance Make all visitors and delivery persons use the doorbell. Visitors Place your name on the inside of the mailbox where only the mail carrier will see it. If a name must be on the outside, use only the last name, e. Vacate Waiting Stand between the control panel and door when in the elevator. Location If accosted, press as many buttons as possible to try and get the elevator to stop at the next floor. Buttons Check the elevator's mirror before entering. Exit the elevator if someone enters that makes you feel uneasy. Exit If you feel the need to give an excuse, you can say, "Oh, I forgot my mail.

Trunk Keep your car well maintained and the gas tank at least half full to avoid getting stranded. Gas Tank Put your purse on the floor of your car. Purse Drive carefully - Help us achieve our Vision Zero goal of no vehicle related deaths Vision Zero Should you suspect that you are being followed, make several turns down active streets. If the vehicle continues to follow, head for the nearest police station, fire house, or open store. Evade Keep valuables secured in the trunk, not lying on the seat next to you.

Park Look around before exiting your car. Look Close all windows and lock the doors. Close Take any valuables with you. Take Park in a well-lit area to discourage a personal attack and reduce the risk of your car being Carry purses or briefcases in a manner that will allow you to let go. Grip Always be aware of your surroundings and carry your pocketbook clasp toward you, close to your body, tucked in the bend of your elbow as if it were a football. Purse If you are jostled in a crowd, be aware that a pickpocket might be responsible.

Straps Carry your keys on your person separate from your identification. Keys If there is a long strap, wrap it around the bag. Long Strap If someone attempts to snatch your pocket book, let go of it, especially if there is a weapon involved. Use only entrances marked by a green indicator, where there is a clerk present 24 hours a day. Entrance Use designated waiting areas during off-peak hours. Wait Cover jewelry; turn stone rings toward the palm side of your hand. Jewelry Stay awake and aware and exit with the crowd.

Walk Have your money or metro card available. Ready Wait for the bus on the sidewalk away from the curb. Sidewalk Ride in the conductor's car during off-peak hours. Ride Sit in the center of the car, away from the door, to avoid a purse or chain snatch. Sit Sit near the front of the bus. Sit in Front When recording an outgoing message on your answering machine, avoid leaving your name, phone number or a message that you're not at home. Stay Aware Say your message confidently. Confidence A good message is, "We are unable to answer the phone, please leave a message. Register Report It.

Mirrors The perpetrators are typically Chinese women who approach potential victims on the street and engage them in conversa- tion. The perpetrator will convince her victim that he or she is being followed by evil spirits and that bad luck or illness will befall the victim or members of his or her family. Unfortunately, when the victim opens the bag she will discover that all of her money and jewelry have been removed and replaced with valueless items. Perpetrators are Mandarin or Cantonese speaking females 30 - 40 years of age, working in groups of three 3.

If you are approached by such a person, or people, call immediately! Beware of any caller claiming to be in dire need of money. Verify the caller is who they say they are. Ask for a call back number and tell the caller you will call them back. Never wire money in a panic. For more Safety Tips and news follow us facebook.

Telephone Scam Alert Beware of people calling you on the phone and asking you to wire money. Anyone is a potential victim! The target victim of this scam is called by someone claiming to be a relative who needs bail money to get out of jail. Or they may claim your family member has been kidnapped and will demand ransom be paid via a money transfer service such as Western Union.

Anyone calling and asking you for money MUST be considered suspicious. If your recieve a call asking you to wire money there is a chance you are being scammed. Crime Prevention Tips Hang up the phone. Remain calm and contact your loved one to verify their safety. Never give your personal or financial information to the caller.

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To help prevent the theft and damage to your vehicle, we suggest the following: Always lock and secure your vehicle. Never leave the keys in the ignition when you exit the vehicle. Never leave your property in your vehicle. Items such as loose change, shopping bags, GPS, cell phones, laptops, tablets and the charging devices related to electronic devices are targeted by thieves.

Park in high traffic or well lit areas, when possible. Pufolkes nypd. The messages are limited to characters and they are called tweets. Twitter also is considered a social networking service because people create profiles and connect with other people electronically on the service. The connecting process is similar to Facebook, only on Twitter the people who connect with you are called "followers" instead of "friends.

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People use Twitter to learn about topics they care about and to share their thoughts with other people-- in other words, to both send and receive messages. After the service launched in , it quickly became a major communication platform for news and information, used both professionally and personally. Millions of people use it to keep up to date on news and trends in their professions or areas of interest, simply by reading tweets. Celebrities and media professionals are big Twitter users, sending tweets out to legions of followers.

Politicians and government officials also send many tweets, which often are quoted in the media as sources of news. Because Twitter is a two-way messaging system, most Twitter users also choose to communicate their own thoughts and ideas by writing and sending tweets to their followers. Those followers can include friends, professional colleagues, others working in the same field, members of other niche audiences, and even the general public.

Photos and web links can also be added into tweets however, they do take up some of the character limitation.

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Twitter by default publishes all of your tweets in a public timeline that anyone can browse. You can make your tweets private, but that severely limits the usefulness of your Twitter account. If people can't browse your tweets because they're private, fewer people will be able to "follow" you, and Twitter is all about people "following" or text-talking to other people.

Twitter Jargon Tweet -- Tweet noun is a message posted on Twitter with or fewer characters, also called a post or an update. Tweet verb means to send a tweet AKA post, update or message via Twitter. Sign-- The sign is an important code on Twitter, used to refer to individuals on Twitter. It is combined with a username and inserted into tweets to refer to that person or send them a public message.

Example: username. When precedes a username, it automatically gets linked to that user's profile page. Mention -- A mentions refers to a tweet that include a reference to any Twitter user by placing the symbol in front of their handle or username. Twitter tracks mentions of users when the symbol is included in the message. Profile -- A Twitter profile is the page that displays information about a particular user.

Blocking -- Blocking on Twitter means preventing someone from following you or subscribing to your tweets.

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Direct Message, DM -- A direct message is a private message sent on Twitter to someone who is following you. These cannot be sent to anyone who is not following you. On Twitter's website, click the "message" menu and then "new message" to send a direct message. Favorite -- Favorite is a feature on Twitter that allows you to mark a tweet as a favorite to easily see it later. Click the "Favorite" link next to a star icon beneath any tweet to favorite it.

Click "Who to Follow" at the top of your Twitter home page to start finding people. This article explains how to find celebrities on Twitter. Follow, Follower -- Following someone on Twitter means subscribing to their tweets or messages. A follower is someone who follows or subscribes to another person's tweets. Learn more in this guide to Twitter followers. Handle, Username -- A Twitter handle is a username selected by anyone using Twitter and must contain fewer than 15 characters. Each Twitter handle has a unique url, with the handle added after twitter.

Hashtag -- A Twitter hashtag refers to a topic, keyword or phrase preceded by the symbol. An example is skydivinglessons. Hashtags are used to categorize messages on Twitter. Read a definition of hashtags or more about using hashtags on Twitter. These tweets contain the hashtag FF or FollowFriday. Promoted Tweets -- Promoted tweets are Twitter messages that companies or businesses have paid to promote so they appear at the top of Twitter's search results.

Reply, Reply -- A reply on Twitter is a direct tweet sent by clicking on the "reply" button that appears on another tweet, thus linking the two tweets. Reply tweets always start with " username. To retweet verb means to send someone else's tweet to your followers. Retweeting is a common activity on Twitter and reflects the popularity of individual tweets. RT -- RT is an abbreviation for "retweet" that is used as a code and inserted into a message being resent to tell others that it's a retweet. Short Code -- On Twitter, the short code refers to a 5-digit phone number that people use to send and receive tweets by SMS text messages on mobile phones.

In the United States, for example, the code is Timeline -- A Twitter timeline is a list of tweets that is dynamically updated, with the most recent appearing at the top. Each user has a timeline of tweets from the people they follow, which appears on their Twitter home page. The tweet list appearing there is called a "home timeline. Top Tweets -- Top tweets are the tweets Twitter deems to be most popular at any moment based on a secret algorithm. Twitter describes top tweets as messages "that lots of people are interacting with and sharing via retweets, replies, and more.

Trending Topic -- Trending topics on Twitter are topics people are tweeting about that are deemed most popular at any given moment. They appear on the right side of your Twitter home page. In addition to the official "trending topics" list, many third-party tools are available for tracking the most popular keywords and hashtags on Twitter. Tweet Button -- Tweet buttons are buttons you can add to any website, which allow others to click the button and automatically post a tweet containing a link to that site.

Twitterati -- Twitterati is slang for popular users on Twitter, people who usually have large groups of followers and are well known. Twitosphere -- The Twitosphere sometimes spelled "Twittosphere" is all the people who tweet. Twitterverse -- Twitterverse is a mashup of Twitter and universe. It refers to the entire universe of Twitter, including all its users, tweets and cultural conventions.

Unfollow -- To un-follow on Twitter means to stop subscribing or following another person's tweets. You un-follow people by clicking on "following" on your home page to see your list of followers. Then mouse over "Following" to the right of any user's name and click the red "Unfollow" button.

Use Photos Tweets that include photos or video links are retweeted at a much higher rate than those with text alone. Over Tweet Consider quality vs. Argue Keep your tweets positive. Keep hot- button topics out of your stream. Use Police Jargon Avoid using police jargon, codes and slang in your tweets. Include Useful Hashtags Think of a hashtag as a search term. Use no more than two hashtags per tweet. Proofread Your Tweet Read your tweet twice before posting. Search Twitter for Comments Use search.

This lets the reader know that you made changes to it. Extend Replies to One Person Twitter is a social platform, take the time to engage all who might contact you.

Twitter Marketing Tips and Tricks for 2018: A Quick Twitter Tutorial for Beginners and Business

Use All characters Try to use - characters to leave room for retweets RT. If in doubt, refer to Department Counsel Guidelines. A simple response can actually turn an angry detractor into an appreciative supporter of the department. Mention a Condition without a Conclusion Before you write about a condition, reflect on what you are doing to change that situation. Tweet-Along, th Pct. Forest Hills residents were allowed virtual access to a tour on patrol with the th Precinct. Photographs and job summaries were Tweeted throughout the tour, giving community members an exciting chance to see their neighborhood through the eyes of an NYPD patrol sector.

This Twitter segment was followed by several media outlets, and was received positively. These notification Tweets spread through the community generating interest and enthusiasm, and greatly increasing participation. During a typical blood drive, approximately twenty donors respond, but following the Twitter push, thirty seven donors responded to give blood and help save lives.

So great was the level of interest following the Twitter push, the blood drive will return again to PSA Lindenwood Flooding, th Pct. In the Lindenwoood section of Howard Beach, Queens, dozens of basements were flooded due to a combination of heavy rains and sewer problems. Some first-floor apartments were also flooded as residents pumped out their homes. About 10 blocks and homes were affected.

Information provided was retweeted numerous times and used to help residents navigate this crisis. Train Derailment, th Pct. On a busy Friday morning in May, a Manhattan-bound F train derailed in Queens, injuring 19 passengers and causing a major disruption to multiple subway lines. The police and fire departments evacuated 1, passengers from the train through subway grates. The passengers had been stranded underground for about an hour.