Manual Imagination/Space

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The work is focused on the practice of instant composition as a specific form of art to create dances and performances. This clear intention of study makes the approach to the movement direct and pragmatic and, at the same time, makes it open and sensitive to the research of own personal poetic.

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The construction of choreographies, as well as their interpretation, takes place in the continuous flow of the present moment: choreographer and performer coexist, alternate and overlap in the creation of movements and dance phrases in the immediacy of the instant. The specific objective of this workshop is to improve the techniques of improvisation related to the perception and use of space:.

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Section 11: The Spatial Imagination

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In fact, it's just plain worth a look. I've always enjoyed Gwyneth Jones's writing, but Imagination Space introduces me to the author as a literary critic and essayist, and I'm pleased to make the acquaintance.

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The essays in this collection are clear and lucid, insightful as all get out, and totally accessible. Probably more so than this paragraph