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If the address matches an existing account you will receive an email with instructions to retrieve your username. Skip to Main Content. First published: 8 April About this book Driven by advances in computer technology, engineering analysis has developed rapidly and extensively in recent times; Visualization of Fields and Applications in Engineering presents the basic techniques for tensor field visualization and mapping of engineering data.

Focusing on the fundamental aspects of post processing databases and applications outputs, the author explores existing theories and their integration in tensor field visualization and analysis. Offers a unique engineering approach to basic techniques for tensor field visualization and mapping Collates together material currently disseminated throughout the literature into one accessible point of reference Presents examples with applications beyond and across many disciplines.

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    Categories : Infographics Visualization graphic Computational science Computer graphics Data modeling. Data Profiling 5m. Quick Recap 2m. Data Abstraction 20m. Identifying Attribute Types 1h 20m. Video 11 videos. Overview: Fundamental Graphs and Data Transformation 1m. How to Visualize?

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    Fundamental Graphs 9m. Alternate Representations Part 1 11m.

    29- Engineering Applications of Linear Systems - Data Analysis and Visualization

    Alternate Representations Part 2 6m. Going Beyond Two Attributes 6m. Data Transformation 6m. Summary 3m. Reading 2 readings. Tutorial: The Tableau Interface 10m. Tutorial: Getting Started with Tableau 25m.

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    5. Video 18 videos. Overview: Graphical Components and Mapping Strategies 6m.

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      Marks 5m. Channels, Part 1 6m. Channels, Part 2 7m. Examples for Graphical Components 3m. Graphical "Decoding" 8m. Quality of visual encoding: Expressiveness Principle 7m. Evaluate Visualizations 8m. Using the Principles to Design Visualization 4m.

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      Contextual Components: Legends, Labels, and Annotations 4m. Annotations 5m. Quick Summary 4m. Conclusion 1m.

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      Interview with Moritz Stefaner 7m. Career direction. Career Benefit. Cristian Felix PhD. Candidate Computer Science and Engineering. About New York University Tandon School of Engineering Tandon offers comprehensive courses in engineering, applied science and technology.